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Monday, October 31, 2011

Skeptic Scientist Richard Muller Reversed Position

The ultimate judge on a scientific issue is the unbiased observational data and respecting objective data is a good thing. One of the leading global warming skeptic has reversed his position after his own data confirming what everyone else has been reporting. [source]

Human has been walking on the Earth surface for about 100,000 to 200,000 years. Here is a long term temperature graph [source]
During the whole course of our evolution history, we are lucky to be living in a relatively stable temperature range. Conversely, the world we know has not been through a dramatic climate change. The plants that we domesticated, the infra-structure that we have built are based on a relatively stable temperature range. We have dumped huge amount of green house gases into the atmosphere in a short period (last 150 years is short in the geological time scale). Modern species would not be able to cope with such sudden temperature change. Man-made infra-structure would not be able to cope as well. Imagine a sea level rise of a few meters (as predicted by climate models), how can the largest cities with the most population cope? How can container shipping ports be moved together with other infra-structure such as the connecting roads cope with the rising water level? How fast can these ports be moved inland? How fast can we move population inland? What are the implications of moving massive number of people inland - food production, water supply,...

The most urgent question is how much time human still have before we pass the tipping point?



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