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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Extending the lifespan by edge of starvation diet

This blog is about sustaining - not about weight loss. But if eating less can extend the life (and save on the use of food), why not?

According to this article:
In lab studies going back to the thirties, mice on severely limited diets have consistently lived as much as 50 percent longer than the oldest of their well-fed peers—the rodent equivalent of a human life stretched past the age of 160. And it isn’t just a mouse thing: Yeast cells, spiders, vinegar worms, rhesus monkeys—by now a veritable menagerie of species has been shown to benefit from CR’s [CR=Calorie Restriction] life-extending effects.

But is it a life worth living if you are at the edge of starvation and feeling hungry every second?


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