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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Solar Power without Silicon

Yes, the project is to produce 200 megawatt using 32 turbines without sending 900,000 tons of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere yearly. No, this is not a direct solar to electricity conversion. See this artist visualisation of the project.

The concept is very simple. Build a tall tower (very tall indeed, 1000m according to the artist visualisation, and 1,600 feet according to Business 2.0 report) with a diameter of 260 feet. Surrounding the tower is a 2-mile diameter transparent canopy at groud level. Solar energy heats the air under the canopy. Hot air raises, right? So the hot air raises through the tower, creating a vacuum at the surrending base. The presure difference is used to drive 32 turbines to generate the electricity.

By the way, the aame Business 2.0 page has other interesting green energy projects in Australia too.


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