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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Political inaction on climate change a crime against humanity

by George from betterhumans

The evidence for anthrogenic climate change is now incontrovertible, as is the realization that this is the greatest catastrophe to ever confront our species. The time to act is now. Governments need to put measures into place that will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible.


Barring the onset of real and effective measures, once the flood waters start to rise, the mass extinctions enter into full swing, the superstorms start to hit with regularity, and diseases and famines start to ravage populations, it will be necessary to gather all former politicians to make them answer for their reckless disregard while they were in power. Inaction today is nothing less than a crime against humanity and a crime against the environment. [my emphasis]

Totally agree. Political leaders today only care about whether they will get elected in the next election. Painful decisions like stopping global warming can only be led by the 2nd term of office USA presidents - unfortunately, today's USA President lacks the leadership.


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