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Friday, November 03, 2006

An ecological farm within a city block

What a great Australian Invention. See video from ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corporation) and their website.

This is setup as a "turn-key, IT supported retail franchise, suitable for use where conventional agriculture is not viable - including urban areas, and remote or environmentally sensitive locations."

The technology is a stand alone, minimal discharge aquaponic system in which fish and plants are combined using our patented modular bio-converter which means all inputs into the system are utilised in the production of fish or plants, overcoming the poor environmental performance of previous aquaponic systems and other forms of intensive food production.
The components are vertically stacked so the system has a production capacity up to 12 times that of existing systems of the same footprint.. This makes it feasible to locate the unit in urban areas where land is expensive, allowing the grower to market directly to consumers.
The food business can therefore cut out the expensive transport costs, pocket the wholesaler’s margin and reduce the environmental effects of embedded food miles.

If the system can also breed small farm animals (e.g. chicken), I believe this has potential for setting up small community-based co-operatives so that everyone in a local community can benefit.


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