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Monday, November 13, 2006

Where do you stand on God?

This is a question which usually deals with the beginning of human conscienceness: the debate between "evolution" and "creationism". This is an odd question to ask in a blog about sustaining our future.

This is also an IMPORTANT question about the path.

God(s) and Science are at odds. If we believe in Science, we constantly demand rational logic, demand evidence and constantly re-examining the current linguistic description of world. If the current description of the world is inconsistent with observed events, we question our world view, examine new evidence and adjust our world view in order to enable our world view to predict more events.

This is an IMPORTANT question about the end too.

When we look at the future, when we try to create a sustainable future, we need to examine our motive. Why we want to look beyond today and into a future? A future that we may not be there to see and live.

In a nearby camp, there are people who believe that "Singularity is near" and human may extend our lives indefinitely if we so wish. That's a good motivation to keep a sustainable future!

On the other side, there are people who believe that some day (some say soon, other may disagree) the world will suddenly end. There comes the judgement day. For these people, they don't have a future. They don't see a future and sustainable future is uninteresting to them.

The Church of the Non-Believers points out the irrational double standard that part of our society is adopting. I believe this will seriously negatively impact on our future. To have a sustaining future, we need to be rational and have a strong believe in our capability.


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