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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Link between climate change and human factor

I heard from the radio this morning that yesterday at the Australian Parliament, our PM was refusing to accept the linkage between human activities and climate change and only changed his words 3 hours later after intensive debate.

I understand the significance of Australian's foreign policy to be linked to some powerful nations (OK ONE powerful nation under the current government!) However, the green policy here really sucks.

1. From other countries prospective, Australia is the best nuclear waste dump. We have large desert, highly skilled workers, advanced technology skill. Most importantly, our political foreign policy is inline with the west. We also have the largest easy Uranium ore. For countries which has nuclear power technology, it would be ideal to get Australia to agree to "rent" nuclear fuel - ie Australia becomes the world's nuclear waste dump. But I don't buy into this argument because we have better solution than THAT.

2. Australia is now acting like the mine for the world. We are exporting coal, iron, whatever we can dig from the ground! As an advanced economy, we should be exporting soft products, such as education, technology, tourism and knowhow. Selling our children's resources IS not the way to keep a country at the cutting edge. Instead of increasing the coal product (which is dirty and dangerous), we should aim to develop solar energy and export the sunlight we collected - may be as hydrogen fuel, or if technology allows, packaged in some advanced recyclable batteries. CUT coal production to help CUT carbon dioxide output. I group "clean coal" technology to the same basket of nuclear waste dump. A problem delayed for the next generations to solve.

3. We have large uninhabitable land. We have more than average solar radiation. We have the skill to develop world class solar technology. This is clean, renewable and will contribute to long term growth of our country.

Can our politician see that?


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