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Friday, September 21, 2007

Magnetic Refrigerator Needs No Electricity

From the post:
Scientists at the Technical University of Denmark created a refrigerator that uses magnets to cool instead of electricity by finding a cooling method which uses magnetic materials instead of electricity.

Frankly, I don't think the writer knows what s/he is writing (although the source is from Ministry of Foreign Affair, Denmark). First of all, magnetic material is physical objects (like a magnet for example) and electricity is a form of energy. I cannot see how a material can replace energy without replacing the material after the energy stored in the material has been depicted. Like you can use a battery to store electrical energy, you need to replace or recharge the battery when its stored energy is used up.

In term of increasing the efficiency of refrigerator, use a horizontal door for a refrigerator . The density of cool air is higher than hot air, every time we open a refrigerator with a vertical door, cool air from the refrigerator flows out and hot air gets in. Energy is needed to remove the heat that gets into the refrigerator. By using a horizontal door (like a deep freezer), as you open the refrigerator, no cool air gets out. The need of maintaining the low temperature requires minimum energy. I have reported that Tome Chalko at Mt. Best Australia has converted a freezer into a refrigerator which consumes about 0.1 kWh a day.



Blogger luis said...

Great post!

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7:49 am  
Blogger jason said...

dont be a hater, there is ALOT u can do with magnets that we know nothing about yet.. give it time, magnetism is what makes the world go round

11:49 am  
Blogger Albert Ip said...


Having doubt about a technology is not a hater. I am just pointing out the misconception in the article. Magnets are physical objects. Magnetism is the properties related to magnets. Neither of these are energy. Using magnetic properties to enhance the efficiency of refrigeration is a new approach and if it shows potential, that is good news. The author made the fundamental mistake of equating material with energy in a non-relativistic situation and that is wrong.

I have read a lot of "free energy" mis-information. Creating free energy is a physical impossibility - at least under the current understanding of Physics. If anyone can verifiable demonstrate such creation, s/he would be as rich as anyone would have dreamed.

We know quite a lot about magnetism. Please do some *real* science. Electromagnetism is a well understood field. I am not holding my breath for the "new" magnetism to make the world move.

12:03 pm  
Blogger jason said...

perhaps your right, but perhaps the perendev motor doesn't work either, also maybe peltier (thermo-coupler) devices that turn heat into energy also don't work, and don't forget tesla, his turbine is also a science wash-up with ppl who doubt. weird thing is that all these technologies work, funny thing is they were all designed back in the day when there was a lot of doubters (one of the major reasons why tesla's turbine wasn't put into production until recently) i am just saying, before you say that it is not possible, prove it, that is in fact what your asking of others right to prove it? well prove they are wrong, i however do believe they are right.

12:19 pm  
Blogger Albert Ip said...


Power, by definition, is energy per unit time. For electrical power, we need both voltage and current.

From what I have read on "free energy" with magnetism, people are playing with magnetic induction which is again a well understood field. When there is a change of magnetic field, there is an induced electromagnetic voltage (emf). High voltage can be produced by increasing the rate of change (e.g. increasing the number of turns). However, the power which can be extracted from that motion depends on the current flowing through which will produce an opposite force towards the original motion which produces the emf in the first place.

The electromagnetic induction is known as Faraday's law and is well understood before Tesla. His unsuccessful commercial use of that idea has nothing to do with whether people *believe* it or not. You do NOT need faith to believe. You just
need to do an experiment to show how electromagnetic induction can produce the voltage.

The "free energy" discussions always only focus on the voltage, none ever put on a real load to the system. Some put in a diode to show that light can come out. Try to put a resistor, the initial kinetic energy in the system will quickly be dissipated as heat in the resistor. Energy is conserved. There is no way using different arrangement of magnetics can produce free energy. That is known as Gauss Law. These are first year University Physics.

1:01 pm  

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