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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reduce water used by Toilet

Most toilets in Australia have two buttons: one for full flush and other for half flush. TreeHugger has posted on how to hack the toilet to flush less water by bending the connection to the float. [See here. The following picture is also from TreeHugger.]

Here is another simple method which does not involving any plumbing:
Used soda bottles (those 2L or 1.5L are prefect), stone or some thing which can weight down the bottles

1. Find out the current depth of water in your toilet.
2. Cut the soda bottle to a height LESS than the water depth (measure from bottom of bottle)
3. Place the result of step 2 into the toilet tank by filling with the tank water.
4. Place your weight in the bottle to ensure it stands up right after flushing.

The soda bottle half will hold the water from flushing out. That's less water used in flush. You can reduce the amount of actual water used by adding more usch water holder inside the tank!



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