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Monday, December 31, 2007


In the post Every household should breed these flies, I suggested every household should breed these soldier flies. So we have buckets of soldier flies larvae. What should we do about these creatures?

The previous post From waste to food is a hint to my suggested answer: backyard aquaponics - grow your own vegetables and farm your own fish in your own backyard. See a brief history here.

The idea is quite simple. Farm your own fish. The waste from the fish is converted into plant's nutrient by nitrogen-fixing bacteria. The plants grow by absorbing these nutrient and hereby clean the water for the fish to use again.

Do it in your own backyard? Yes, there are lots of small system built by enthusiastic hobbyists which have demonstrated success. See examples. Here is a step by step guide to build one using recycled plastic barrels.

So, I think you would have guessed the answer by now. The soldier fly larvae is the food for the fish!

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Blogger Shane said...

This is so cool. I haven't heard of this before, so it is all new to me. Thanks for the info and I look forward to learning more on aquaponics.

2:13 am  

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