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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ten commandments of eco gardening

from the Sumday Times over a year ago:
  • Thou shalt conserve water

  • Thou shalt put the right plant in the right place
    [my additional suggestion]:Thou shalt only put edible plants in the garden

  • Thou shalt not use peat
    [my additional suggestion]:Thou shalt mulch with locally available available material.

  • Thou shalt recycle garden waste

  • Thou shalt reuse non-biodegradable products
    [my additional suggestion]:Thous shalt use non-biodegradable products for your own as well as your children's and grandchildren's life time.

  • Thou shalt minimise the use of chemicals
    [my additional suggestion]:Everything is chemical. Thou shalt use naturally occuring chemicals from known sources.

  • Thou shalt leave a messy bit
    [my additional suggestion]: and a pond too

  • Thou shalt use hard landscaping with sensitivity
    [my additional suggestion]:Source your landscaping material locally

  • Thou shalt use lighting responsibly

  • Thou shalt teach thy children where food comes from

    [my additional suggestion]:Grow your own food in your own backyard



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