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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Anything into Oil

by Brad Lemley (an article published by Discover in May 2003)

The headline is
Technological savvy could turn 600 million tons of turkey guts and other waste into 4 billion barrels of light Texas crude each year

and according to the article,

And it will be profitable, promises Appel. "We've done so much testing in Philadelphia, we already know the costs," he says. "This is our first-out plant, and we estimate we'll make oil at $15 a barrel. In three to five years, we'll drop that to $10, the same as a medium-size oil exploration and production company. And it will get cheaper from there."

This is a carbon neutral process and solve the problem of waste management at the same time. Why don't government put more money into this kind of ressearch?


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