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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Start selling sunlight, Australia

[Photo credit: the Age]

Coal and oil are basically sunlight from millions of years ago. They are finite resources. Using them create green house gases. Coal mining is one of the most dangerous job... You get the idea.

Farming and agricultural produce are also product of solar energy, in the form of food.

In terms of selling essentials, there are several main categories:
  • labour (such as those sweatshops from under-developed or developing countries),
  • resources (such as all the digging happening in Australia),
  • renewable resources (such as food production as in farming),
  • service (tourism, hospitality, music, art etc which makes our life wonderful),
  • creativity (new ways of doing things, scientific research, etc),
  • Rip-off (commerce and law! :-) Sorry for the title, just a joke!)

  • Looking at the solar map above, [Yes, that's a map released by NASA showing the amount of solar energy received on earth surface. Darker the colour, the more energy received. source] Australia should start finding ways to sell its immerse amount of solar energy in ways other than farming. It is better than digging up all the earth!



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